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Cherry’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 09 May 2007

Location: Siem Reap, Cambodia

MapSo I was sitting down on top of a temple yesterday in Angkor Wat for sunset and started chatting to a girl. She was from Sydney, French Forest and apparently half Indonesian. Kept chatting for another 45 minutes until we both (or more she than I) realized that we've met and knew each other beforehand. She was James' friend and I'd met her on his farewell. It took us a long time to connect the puzzle. The world is really small. What are the chances of that???
Even the driver was saying "Australia is smaller than Cambodia".
We ended up going for drinks and dinner and going to meet up again tonight. Good to see a familiar face after travelling for a while.

Speaking of temples though, Angkor Wat is different from the temples I've seen in Central America and Peru. More wide structure like Borobudur in Indonesia than high like the Incas and Mayan temples.
Completed the whole "seeing the sunset and sunrise" ritual and it was magnificent. A cool breeze and a relaxing afternoon waiting till the sun goes down and its reflection spluttered all over the sky.

My favourite temple though is not the Angkor Wat itself (Angkor is a complex of temples and one of the biggest, grandest temple is called Angkor Wat) but Ta Phrom the temple of trees. It's where they filmed one of the Tomb Raider movies. No wonder they picked the spot, trees are growing beneath the temples and lifting it up and sideways making it looks like the earth and not men created the temples.

Going to Tonle Sap lake this arvo - the biggest fresh water lake in South East Asia. Taking a boat there and having a look around.