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Cherry’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 16 Jun 2007

Location: Phuket, Thailand it's almost the end of my trip and also nearing my birthday. Not getting any younger here. Tomorrow I'm turning 24.
So far am having a blast but still need to find a place where I can celebrate.

James bought me a spa package for the day, yesterday and it was blisfully relaxing. Since the spa place had a buy one get one free treatment, James joined in as well (and I think he enjoyed it more than I did :).
We started with a herbal steam sauna and floral foot massage, followed with green tea body scrub and aloe vera wrap. After that we took a milk rose bath, an oil massage and ended with a facial. Hmmm every girl's dream.

And for the final touch since this is the last of the days, we decided to treat ourselves to the Hilton 5 star hotel for 2 nights (come on we've been slumming it for the past 8 months). Don't think I'll be getting out of that room soon!

At this point we have so many shopping that it's not funny. We have to think of a way to not overweight the baggage on the way back to Syd.

I can't wait to see everyone soon!!