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Kristy-Ann’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 09 Jan 2005

Location: Germany

MapHi All
I am nearly half way through my stay here in Germany and this is only the second diary I have written, well sorry, but I'll try harder to keep you up to date. School starts tommorow and I'm supposed to have a history exam,but I doubt I will be able to do it though, it'll all be in German.

Not much news for the last week, but I thought I might tell you an interesting fact, this is the warmest winter (in the area of German that I'm staying in at least) that has been recorded since they started recording it.

Well my German is not improving much because everyone talks to me in English and I can't be bother to try German. I can understand peoples conversations a little now, which helps a bit, but is no good in teach me to make my own german sentences.

We have walked the dogs, my host family have 2, through the forest many times and there is hardly any leaves on the trees, but when we walk back through town all the houses have high pitched rooves and bricks and it is so beautiful. The bummer is there is no snow.

I'm sure all my school friends are inquisitive of my status to do with boys here, but I don't have a boyfrriend and hardly see any except for at school. I like a guy in my class, but I don't know if anything will happen in that case, so for now I am missing hugs.

Well miss you all, but better go.
Love from your adventurous, loud (not so much now) friend