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Kristy-Ann’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 10 Feb 2005

Location: Germany

MapHi everyone,
It is thursday and im using the internet, we are supposed to have French, but the teacher is away and so we are all using the computers instead and we are aloud to do anything so I guessed I should write to you all.
Are you missing my loud mouth yet, because I'm sure missing all the loud ENGLISH talks at the lunch table and wish I could see you all in your official looking uniforms while I am wearing casual to school everyday.

Well I am still trying to get all my work from Australia done and have about 3 Maths Excersizes left and most of my MUlti and geography work is done. I have a project to do for Germand lessons - 5 pages of my choice - so I am doing Australia, have basically finished the English version, but need to find facts to put in then translate to German.
Well I guess I should go ,
will send this to the emails too so if you get the same thing twice its just cause I want those that are to lazy to visit planetranger to see it too.

Well too my Aunts and Mum I know alot of this stuff doesn't apply to you but I hope you are all well and enjoying life.

from kristy