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Kristy-Ann’s Travel Diary

Friday, 18 Feb 2005

Location: Germany

Maphi all
my last entry was rather boring but i still don't have much news. there has been a little bit of snow this week, which is good and today is my host sisters birthday so I'm havin fun.
got some addresses from friends here (including some from some guys-I'm sure you'll all be happy about that) and took a photo of koffer (yay), but still haven't talked much to him. not much else to say, only that i have only 4 more days of German school left, cause the 25th and 6th are no school then I leave the 27th and get home early on the 1st of March to Brissie, then I have to travel home and probably need the 2nd off school to get back into sleeping patterns, adjust to the weather etc.

well have fun at Tanny's party to those who are goin and don't miss me too much.

luv kristy

p.s. this could be the last time iI talk to ya all before I come home.