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Jamie Julie + Bronte’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 15 Oct 2006

Location: Ko Samui, Thailand

MapWe are still having a wonderful time. Our highlights so far have included;

Thai massage on the beach - Jamie had an all over massage (lucky boy), Julie had a foot massage (so she could keep an eye on B) and Bronte had a baby manicure (she now has beautifully painted pink nails - I have never seen her sit still so long)

Taste of Thailand evening - This involved a huge buffet of Thai food and traditional music and dance. Bronte loved the dancers and sat enthralled watching the dancing. She even did her own dance at the end.

Football - Jamie's highlight - six hours of the Premiership in a row last night, including two three o'clock kick offs (shame he can't watch Leeds though!!)

Cheapy DVDs - you can get DVD quality films two weeks after their release at the cinema here for £1.50 so we are planning to get up to date with everything we have missed at the cinema.

Please check new photos too!

Cheers for all your messages and e-mails. We are thinking of you all.


J. J and B