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Mel’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 23 Aug 2006

Location: ljubljana, Slovenia

MapBog! (Hello in Slovene... would you believe!)

We started our summer holiday by flying into Slovenia's capital, Ljubljana. The trip didnt start out well - it took hours for us to check in for the flight, and then my suitcase came out cracked... (poor Trent, i dont know how he puts up with my moodiness! ha ha) However, once arriving in Ljubljana things quickly changed. It is very hard to stay annoyed in such a lovely place! Being the capital of the country, we were expecting the city to be busy and impersonal, however it was exactly the opposite. Easy to get around, gorgeous architecture, a relaxed ambience, excellent food and drink. We tried to master yet another language - Slovene - however it wasnt really needed. Most knew english, in the capital anyway.

On the second day of our stay in Slovenia, we caught a train to visit the lakes of Slovenia - in particular Lake Bohinj. Lake Bohinj is a glacial lake and is Slovenia's largest (5km wide by 10 km long) and is stunning - a wide, long, wild expanse of alpine water that snakes away towards the looming mountains of Triglav and Mt Vogel. After spending some time soaking up the views and taking some happy snaps, we took a ride on a cable car up Mt Vogel (1537 metres high), which provided spectacular views over the lake and the Julian Alps. Trent was a bit shaky on the cable car - i dont think he trusts the engineering! I guess i was fine with it due tomy ignorance of how these things work...

On the third day we visted the Skocjan Caves. This was Trent's highlight of Slovenia, and probably mine too. It was a bit of a mission getting out there (our Slovenian was tested!) but so worth it in the end. The cave tour started through the 'silent cave' part, with some big stalactites and stalagmites. This was good, however we were both blown away by the next section of the cave - the 'Great Hall'. it unfurled before us like something from a movie - very 'Tolkeinesque' (Lord of the Rings sprung to mind at the time) - a huge space over 100m wide with a cieling hanging around 30m overhead. The rumble of the river Reka filled the caves as it snaked its was through below us.

With our time up in Slovenia, we then headed by train to Split, Croatia via the Croatian capital, Zagreb, to commence the sailing cruise of the Croatian islands! Stay tuned...