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Mel’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 13 May 2007

Location: Scotland

MapAye, a wee dram of scotch would tickle the belly nicely... ahhh, Scotland, what a place!

Scotland was such a refreshing change to our holidays on the continent or in England in the fact that the people were friendly everywhere (even the shop assistants), the food was awesome (especially haggis), the whisky not only tasty (the true amber nectar) but also locally diverse and the scenery was truly sublime.

Unbelievable for Mel and I, we spent 9 days on holiday, with a hire car, and nothing went wrong. In fact, we even managed to extend our car hire for a day an extra day free of charge.

We clocked up the miles, driving from Edinburgh to Oban via Stirling and then along the Western Highlands up to Ullapool in the north then back down the east coast to Edinburgh via Aberdeen and St Andrews. About 1600miles in all. It certainly wasn't all about the driving though, we also managed to walk about 30 miles (including a 12mile hike around Loch Affric) through various picturesque locations through the western highlands.

From castle and fort ruins to munros (mountains over 3000ft) through to lakes, I don't believe I've scene a natural environment so affected by humankind yet still so beautiful! There is so much water in the highlands, driving through it is like driving onto and through a series of small islands. It goes mountain, loch, mountain, loch, mountain, loch all through the western Highlands and each is unique and honestly more grand than the last.

The saying a picture says a thousand words is so true for Scotland (words just don't do it justice) so check out the photo's.