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Mel’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 25 Aug 2007

Location: Pembrokeshire, Wales, UK

MapThis was the only true summer’s weekend we had in 2007… thank the lord we chose to go to Wales for it! Hmmm, we weren’t the only ones though but the less said about the congested roads and the angry man (me) driving us around, the better.

2 kiwis and 2 aussies spent 2 nights in a truly British caravan park. Whitewell Caravan Park, what an experience! With a “pub” onsite, which every man and angry dog attended from mid afternoon on, a trip to the showers in the afternoon (adjacent the pub) was quite an eye opener. Nonetheless, we had a pint or two there one evening and amused ourselves watching the holiday goers quiz night.

During the days we spent time exploring Pembrokeshire, from Tenby to St David’s. Check the photo’s out to see some of the gems we found. Also, check out the fog in the St Govan’s head photos… now imagine walking onto a packed beach, towels, beach balls, sandcastles, men in dt’s, women in bikinis, the usual scene at the beach however, with fog that thick you could not see the ocean from the back of the beach. I have never seen nor heard of anything like it. If I didn’t see it with my own eyes I wouldn’t have believed it! Oh the Welsh, they crack me up!
The highlight was a day spent playing cards on the beach at Tenby. The temperature was in the mid twenties all day, pure sunshine and no wind - what else can you ask for? I even had a swim at 6pm and stayed in for longer than 5 minutes.

All in all a quality weekend in Wales!