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Ali’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 27 Aug 2006

Location: Kenya

MapHi everyone well I am here at last and i have had a fantastic few day's.
I eventually got to Nirobi on Wednesday and travelled to Nakuru on Thursday.
Thurday evening I went to help coach a football team that is made up of young boy's that live on the rubbish dump this was great i will be doing it every evening from now on.
Friday was my first day with the children in the Walk Centre which was amazing. For some reason they all wanted to touch my hair i think short spiky hair on a women is a new thing for them. We attempted to teach them Left and Right you might think to yourself this is easy but oh no definatly not might have to come back to that lesson at some point.
Friday evening we travelled to Lake Naivasa we stayed at a lovely holiday park and we were all really happy to see a great shower. Saturday morning we went on a boat trip on the lake were we saw Hippo's and lot's of different types of Bird's. We then went to a place called Hell's Gate which is a national park full of all different animal's. This was an amazing experience to see them in there natural surrounding's but also a bit scary getting so close, I will put some photo's on so you can all see. We then had a relaxing evening over a nice meal and a drink.
Today we travelled back to Nakuru and went to watch the football team that i am helping out with unfortunatly we lost but we will do better next time.
This week I am going to go building on the rubbish dump but i will tell you more about that during the week.