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Mike and Shez’s Travel Diary

Monday, 28 Aug 2006

Location: Australia

MapWelcome to our home page- got the idea from our family travelling OS (we miss you guys). Thought we could keep them updated about our lives-like they have been doing with us for all of their travels.... our's wont be as exciting though as Europe.

Our house is slowly taking shape- you can view the changes in the photo pages...Dont think we can fit much more in. Our biggest challenge still is the backyard and the gardens. But we look forward to it- bring it on.

We had a BBQ lunch with some of our friends on sunday- i was impressed that our little place fitted everyone- inluding 25 adults and 4 baby prams, and there was still room to move.

We are currently organising our youth conference- so continue to pray for it and us....