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Mike and Shez’s Travel Diary

Monday, 13 Nov 2006

Location: Australia

MapWell what have we been up to??? We have been pretty busy, as always.
Our backyard is slowly getting cleaner, at the moment we have kookaburra's nesting in one of the trees and they have 3 baby kookaburra's. So cute.
We are very involved with worship at church and loving it. Church is going really well, everyone seems to respond to us leading.... we are looking forward to our new pastor. I have been to see Something for Kate, Bernard Fanning and we have both been to see U2- see our photo page.

Mike is heading oversea's again at the end of the month. And then we are both planning to go over in April.... Christmas is getting closer- not sure if we have holidays yet- just waiting for my roster. Think it might be a quiet one this year.

Miss our oversea's friends & family heaps....
Take care.