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Sarah and Emily’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 10 Sep 2006

Location: Beijing, China

MapHello! We have made it, in true Sarah and Emily style, we were interviewed at the airport by Kevin Duffy off Channel M News, which took away the sadness of leaving and gave us a purpose! If you do spot us on the internet or cable channels please let us know! Sarah managed to survive the flight but im still not sure my fingers did she was gripping so tight. But hey we're experts now...just need to master sleeping on one! We've even survived a chinese bus journey with overly large bags on our laps as well...we will be so thin soon (or look like hulk hogan).

The hostel is new and clean and has 2 beds and a telly BUT we have to share the world's most horrific bathroom with people who spit. We still haven't braved a chinese toilet and to be perfectly honest we cannot work out how you do it - its physically impossible! And with no loo paper too! The most time we spent in there is when we were trying to extract head and shoulders from all Sarah's worldly belongings, everything smells of it - EVERTHING! (except the toilet which needs to smell of something slightly clean!)

There also seems to be a chinese policy to drill loudly whenever we try and sleep...which may be still a little off timing but you dont expect building work to commence at 8pm! We are clearly not used to jet lag as our sleeping pattern is all over the place, so we have devised a new game called 'Guess What Time It Is No Really Guess Cos I Know Already' and Emily failed miserably, out by 6 hours when normally she's dead good with numbers!

Not much to say yet as its only second day and we've been sleeping (and trying to sleep) for most of the time! Though today we did have a meal out in the heart of Beijing...well we think so...but as we ordered realised we'd found the only Japanese restaurant in the place, oh well plenty of time for Chinese food!

Oh and Beijing, the capital of China, you'd think it would be swarming with tourists...NO, we seem to be the only ones about whenever we venture out and to be honest the hostel is full of Chinese people as well, apart from the odd annoying American!

Bye Bye for now we will write again soon...hopefully with more to tell and hopefully with a knowledge of a few chinese words as we still know rude!