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Sarah and Emily’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 15 Oct 2006

Location: Akihabara, Tokyo, Japan

MapGreetings from the Capsule Hotel - so much to tell about our coffins but we must lift off from where we were.

Back on the Bullet Train and we were off to use our JR passes to the full, exercising them on a ferry too. On Shirley's suggestion we headed to Miyajima, a small island off Japan somewhere (get a map) and went to see the shrine on stilts. More killer deer,and another world heritage site, but they had something quite special to celebrate that fact ~ The World's Biggest Rice Scoop, do not fear, we took photos of course!

After walking up to, around and down from the pavillion of a thousand mats we ventured upto the national park. Very quiet and calm (you know how we like our walks) we wandered following the Mormons and the cyclists until it was time to go back for the ferry. But we took a different route back, which isn't a good idea when your map has the same scale as a lego building and it's full of cartoons of wild animals...but after alot of up and down 'trekking' we made it back, to have some sangria!

Yes we like finding traditional foods of the country, but when you want to eat with the locals you have to venture further afield. In our quest to understand Japan better we found a tapas bar and sangria! Heaven in a glass, and a change to eat cooked food!

Well if we're being honest about the next day you may be disappointed. We had a train day. We got on the train to Nagasaki, got off, had a mouch around (maybe a KFC too...) and then got back on the Shinkansen. Not very exciting, but the KFC was worth the 4 hour round trip...!

So yesterday we headed back to the big smoke and Tokyo and, of course, back to the beloved apple shop. Our Ryokan was diferent to our previous experience, but this could have been because we had to keep locking our doors for the loud half naked American who kept wandering around and shouting.

Today was an unexpected train day, as our trip to Mount Fugi took far longer than anticipated! After finding our Capsule Hotel we headed for three changes and a local "express" train that was decorated as Mount Fuji in cartoon form with faces..hmmmm...luckily we met English people who were also shocked by the length of jouney but who were more shocked that we weren't heading for the theme park. "Three hours just to take a photo?!" but the photo was worth it. One nail biting cable car journey later we reached the top of a little hill to get a better look of the Mount. Photos will follow, and the lake was beautiful too, bit cold - but we are heading south for the winter soon! Unfortunately we couldn't climb Mount Fuji as it is out of season, but we honestly would have tried. The underlying reason why it may have taken so long to get there and back may have been that Sarah kept asking for the train to Fiji..wishful thinking indeed.

So here we are, we have added two diary entries as we sometimes do so make sure you don't fall asleep before you've read them both. And if you do have genuine questions for us seasoned travellers please ask, otherwise just keep reading (and get us to number one overall!!!!) Don't know when we'll write next or add photos, but don't worry about us (family) if you don't hear from us for a few days...!