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Sarah and Emily’s Travel Diary

Friday, 11 May 2007

Location: Queenstown, New Zealand

So on we went to the famous Queenstown, we were excited about this after seeing the contestants on 'Australia's Biggest Loser' go there and so we looked at things and said "well if they can do it we can"! We arrived and discovered the town actually had more than 3 shops and 1 mini golf, so it was going to be good. We parked up on the road as it was the only place that didn't have a big sign saying "NO OVERNIGHT PARKING" so it wasn't ideal but we were desperate! After a quick look round town we settled in for the evening and played our usual card games before our usual bedtime routine kicked in, consisting of Emily making the beds and Sarah making the hot water bottles (there is slightly more to it than that but we don't want to disturb your minds with the details), you need a routine in such a small space otherwise Sarah would end up with even more bruises than she has already!

The next morning we were rudely awakened by a banging on the door, it was only 7am and way before our usual getting up time, as Emily is the man in this travelling relationship she got up and went to the door with her ever British smile and posh accent. A man from the council stood at the door telling her there was no overnight parking in Queenstown, just holiday parks (no wonder they charge you a fortune) and gave her a leaflet, Emily apologised in the usual British way but he wasn't about to be killed by kindness. So we had to get up out of our beds at that ridiculous time, it was like being back at work! We did find a campsite with an 'honesty box' and joy of joys not even any envelopes in the box for you to pretend to put money in but it was rather out of town so for tonight we would be good girls and stay in a holiday park so we could go drinking with Debbie (and have that lovely shower before we allowed her to see us)!

We met Debbie and had a few drinks, such a relief to talk to another person as we are starting to go slightly mad and are turning into one person, we'd say we are worse than Ant and Dec now, not only do people not know which is which but they do just use the one name 'sarahandemily' we are losing our identities...and our minds! Debbie left at a reasonable time but we decided we may as well keep on drinking...after all we were parked in walking distance we were going to use it to our advantage! Plus we find that alcohol really does help us keep warm, so this may be something we have to do again...just on those really cold nights you understand!

The next day we ventured down to the 'honesty box' camp and as we drove around the camp we unfortunately came a cropper with a wooden toilet sign. A sign that we had previously driven up to just to see what it said, unfortunately we did not remember its position when reversing later on. So we made a lovely window out of carrier bags and Rhino tape, all those years watching Blue Peter must've come in useful! Just our luck it was an extremely windy and rainy night but it didn't stop us getting our sleep! We then went to the garage the next day and have a lovely plastic window screwed to the just can't keep us down, whatever the disaster we survive!

To cheer us up after our 'incident' we decided we would go Jetboating, now the great thing about doing it in Queenstown is that Debbie works for them and gave us free tickets so we would enjoy it even more. We cruised on up with our free tickets and got straight on a boat that spun us around like it was a theme park ride, a bit cold on the old face as you're whipped around, luckily the video didn't work as it would have shown Sarah constantly trying to cover her cold teeth and Emily practically spitting on the man behind. We then spent the next hour in the carpark while we had showers, we did get some odd looks from the staff...maybe other people shut the curtains! As we are such lovely ladies which such sparkling personality and wit Debbie and Jim invited us round to dinner, they're moving back to England and needed help eating up their food, we gracefully accepted the offer, after all we were doing them a favour! When we arrived we soon learned that they also needed help drinking up their wine collection...hold us back! This also meant that they kindly offered us their sofa bed so both of us could drink and not have to drive back to the 'honesty box' and the dreaded toilet sign...ah it's all about who you know...or to be more exact who Sarah's sister knows!

The next day was the day we'd been waiting for, Emily's Bungy Jump! Sarah had decided she didn't want to practice suicide by throwing her body off a bridge but would watch at a safe distance. It was a lovely sunny day for it as Emily headed over to the bridge. Her legs were bound up twice (the first girl had done it wrong...luckily this was found out before Emily hurled herself off) and she edged like a penguin towards the edge of the platform swearing profusely, anyone thats been with Emily at a Theme Park can imagine the kinds of things coming out of her mouth. As the man said 3 and Emily toppled (yea not really a gracefully jump) off the edge she let out a blood curdling scream (just for effect obviously, there is no use in doing these things half-heartedly) and bounced up and down like a rag doll. The hardest part was then grabbing on to the pole from the boy in the boat, when all the blood has rushed to your head and you're bouncing up and down this is actually a hard task! Eventually Emily was pulled into the boat and collapsed, it was a good job as her quality Vietnam made lined trousers were starting to come down. She eventually climbed back up to the top to be greeted by Sarah and a range of photos, including a video on the phone which is mainly just the sound of Sarah laughing...and she calls herself a best friend!

To recover from the Bungy we went to the Gondola and headed up the mountain to the sounds of screams from another bungy jump. We got to the top and headed to the Luge, this was the nearest we'd get to being in 'Cool Runnings'. We donned our special needs hats and headed up the chair lift - probably the most dangerous part of it. Put the bag in a locker and grabbed our 'tea trays with handles' and then screamed and whooped as we headed down the course, then once you're at the bottom what do you do, head back up again of course for the more advanced track!

After all that excitement we then did our usual Tuesday treat and went to the cinema, not the posh cinema we found in Arrowtown (like a town stuck in an American Western) but the cheap cinema that does special offers, we are one for the routine! The next day we took advantage of the lovely fresh air and went for a walk with Debbie and Jim, up and down a valley. It was the most exercise we'd done in a while and the so the rain was a welcome relief, but as a reward Debbie and Jim let us stay at their house and let us watch DVDs and have the dream!

Now obviously we still had to help Debbie and Jim out one more time with their food and wine so we worked up an appetite by going bowling, unfortunately we seemed to be the only two sober people in the whole place so our games didn't last very long as we tried to escape the smell coming from the team next to us, ah well we knew what would take us a while before heading round to Debbie's, a game of pool, yes despite all our pool playing in South East Asia we still suck and we were there a fair while trying to get balls in holes, nothing changes! We headed off for our last supper as were finally going to have to leave the lovely town of Queenstown!