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Sarah and Emily’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 14 Aug 2008

Location: Birmingham, England

MapHello everyone!

We are back to say how it all ended, to let you know what we are doing and where we have ended up. We can still see our arch rival Gitsy is knocking about and we thought it only fair to share our last year with you briefly (so we can beat him).

Having bored people we know with our travel tales it is a well known fact in the areas where we live that we will comandere random people to talk to us. Any vague reference to travelling can be found in daily chit chat. Such as "I bought these in China" or "We stole those from a hostel in Australia".

We have no more plans to travel, but be rest assured it will be on here if we did. We have had to return to work, and thus has decreased the excitment in our lives by around 60% but it does mean that we can bring our photos into the work place and find very strained links to subjects with our stories.

Nothing is going to sound very interesting is it really? We went to a pub quiz last night and came joint tenth... a few weeks ago we went to Newcastle for a hen do... sometimes we eat out...

But we lived the dream and a big part of it was this blog, and we have so much fun reading and looking at our photos that we hope we inspire other people to do so. Feel free to message us if you need any advice, we promise not to follow you on your journey!

Love Sarah and Emily