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Vee and KJ’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 14 Sep 2006

Location: New Zealand

MapA poor night's sleep for me (hence, Vee too) but after step by step of clearing things that need to be done before we go, the day is finally here. Some sense of real anticipation though not excitement has arrived too. I hope I'm not maturing at this late stage in my life, beforehand excitement has always been irrepressible for me. Maybe it's the pills :).

Horses' feet were done yesterday, wormed them too, arranged extra feed and Vee has written a chapter of War and Peace as directions for the folk who are living here while we are away.

I guess I'll sleep on the plane. Gotta ring Wal Hemapo to confirm the name of the Indian restaurant he recommends in Singapore for tomorrow night. Still doesn't seem real.