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Vee and KJ’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 18 Oct 2006

Location: Hotel Miramar, Singapore

MapUs again!

Last leg of our wonderful trip but we've done so much since we last connected.

We spent Saturday and Sunday at Oxford after driving back from Wales in the morning. That trip went well as did the drive. Really getting the hang of these British roads (almost - Vee has a story for you all regarding a roundabout in Wales :) ) Travelling over the Severn Bridge was great both times and you only have to pay the 4.90 (pound) toll on the way into Wales, makes sense to us.

Met Tony's parents and Gran. Lovely people, we really enjoyed our time with them (and the dogs - two noisy boxers). We stayed at a wonderful B&B on the Saturday night, closer to Oxford city and it was outstanding, run by South Africans who (surprise) were into rugby. Left to wet eyes and hugs (that was just Tony and me!) on Monday morning. Got into London by coach around midday. Spent a terrific afternoon "doing" London via the open/hop-on hop-off bus. Saw a little of everything and some things a bit closer. So much to see tho'. Highlight for Vee (because she couldn't fit it all in) was Westminister Bridge and the river ride, for KJ was - the whole thing, as I wasn't fussed on doing it at all but was very pleasantly surprised. Did'nt get into Tower or actually to the Globe Theatre but saw both from outside.

Flight to Singapore yesterday was okay. Vee found it a bit long as she couldn't seem to sleep at all. Watched a heap of movies tho'.

At first planning to rest up a bit today, we had a swim after breakfast and settled to lie-in a bit. However, the hotel maintenance had other ideas and started drilling (something important we hear) about 10am. We decided to leave them to it and went to Sentosa Island for the day. It was be-a-utiful! We did the cable car (Vanetta will probably try to tell you I moved about especially to make it swing but don't believe her... you know how she tries to make me look bad) Not that that would be hard !!!!!!!!!! (Vee). Then we walked the jungle trail down to Soloso Beach and that was about it for two hours, too nice to move and a hiveful of attractions to choose from. It was stunning swimming in the South China Sea in a protected inlet, lying on a pale yellow beach and the sun found it's way through the haze today to celebrate our arrival. All this AND Ben and Jerry's ice cream. If you haven't tried this yet it's amust - let me recommend Chunky Monkey.

We came back to the hotel about 4pm and rested awhile before going out for a late supper. It is our 10th wedding anniversary today. We walked down to the Grand Copthorne and had a (mostly) scrumptious meal. It was late and they tried to press my curry main on me halfway through the soup and accepted my suggestion that this was not a good idea but then tried to bring the same meal out looking dry and half-warm (assuring me that it was fresh - bollocks!) and of course then took it back for good. We got free desserts in recompence. The desserts were probably the highlight of the meal even though Vee's steak main and my French Onion soup were pretty wonderful on their own.

Last night (after almost no sleep for 20 hours on Vee's part) we went for what Vee calls "one of Keith's walks around the block" and after 'aimless wandering' (Vee's words again) we found the centre of Chinatown and it was as amazing as Tony said it would be. We really saw the locals at their natural best - not many other Pakehas around. We had some lovely peanut and red-bean balls cooked in sesame from a roadside stall. Just terrific, despite how it may sound to some. It was great soaking up the atmosphere and as always we found our way back 'as if by magic'.

We fly back to Christchurch tomorrow night, but Vee has plans to go shopping during the day and we will also try to get a little more sun beside the pool. We have so many lovely photos to show you all but don't feel competent in uploading them straight from the camera so hope you will bear with us and visit our site again over, or after, Labour Weekend when we can sort them out from home.

We will have a good think about the trip as a whole and do an observation of things from an individual perspective then too. Thanks for bothering to check in on us - KJ and Vee.