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Junglecat’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 11 Nov 2006

Location: Thailand

MapHey there fellow travellers of life!

It’s been a whirlwind and yet at the same time a heavenly ‘slow down and rest’ period for me in the last month. The course with Children With Hope was totally mind-blowing and shook me up even more to help these kids who deserve much much better than what they are getting in life….

I just loved learning about what makes a child a child. It seems my own childhood is a distant memory (well I am 31!!) and so it was good to be reminded. I know some of you think I have not grown up yet…yeah, well, maybe you’re right…

Friends!! This is the biggest blessing to me in last month. Katie (USA) and Thai (Burma) were on the course and we clicked so well and had a lot of fun times together. Cathy (Philippines) has been such a blessing to me as she works for MTI Thailand and is totally going ‘bush’. She taught me what courage is (Banana Boat expert). Janice (Canada) has allowed me to use her house as a ‘refuge’ over last 3 months in Asia, it has literally been like a cool spring to my parched soul every time I ended up there in between countries!! Thank you Janice, you are awesome.

Asha, what a woman! Half Turkish American, who plays the flute as natuarally as breathing. Thank you for being a breath of fresh air during MTI Retreat :)

GOD IS SO GOOD!! He is my Redeemer, Comforter, Deliverer, Restorer, Counsellor, Creator, Instructor, Warrior, Shelter, Shepherd, Refresher, Rewarder, Protector, Provider, Portion, Forever, Friend, Lover, Saviour, Teacher, Healer, Refiner, He is MY WONDERFUL GOD!!