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Junglecat’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 15 Nov 2006

Location: Cambodia

MapWell they say that you can travel across Asia cheaply and so as a budget traveller i decided to test this theory without using an aeroplane to get to Cambodia from Thailand!

These were the steps i took to complete this adventurous trip:
1) From Bangkok i took a 5 hour BUS ride to a place with a long name i cannot remember but it is near the border.

2) When i got off the bus i found that i was the ONLY white person standing in the middle of a road with all these bags. So when a nice gentleman offered to help me get a visa into Cambodia of course i had to say 'Yes please!!'. He said it was his job do not worry..haa haa.

3) Then i thought i would help out a little boy with some pocket-money, so he took me across the border on his TUK-TUK and helped carry my bags too :)

4) With my visa in hand i crossed over the border and the nice man took me on his MOTORBIKE to a taxi stand. It is amazing what one can fit on a motorbike = Back pack, lab top and carry bags.

5) Then into my fourth mode of transport, a TAXI. they said there were no buses in the afternoon, so i had no choice but to take a lift with the fastest taxi ever! this guy was really taking every risk to get us there in the shortest time possible!!

6) Final step was to meet my friend Tiina (works in Phomn Pehn) at the Central Market. I was back on a MOTORBIKE to get to some accommodation for the night!

I was so thankful to God for getting there safely and glad i took an alternative to flying. Ironically though the costs calculated to almost being the same as a budget flight!