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Junglecat’s Travel Diary

Monday, 20 Nov 2006

Location: Phnom Pehn, Cambodia

MapCambodia in a word - destitute. There are so many needs in this land. The Pol Pot era left this nation destitute of family, culture, dignity, resources and peace. It is a place where every person you meet has lost someone they know in the most horrifc circumstances.

There is an MTI team there and this is where i spent most of my time. They are doing an excellent work with helping children and parents find healing from wounds and ways to improve their circumstances. Couselling, tranning on child abuse, self defense lessons are just a part of what MTI do in Cambodia.

I also visited some other ministries as there are so many of them. Visited the 'Bridge of Hope' who are ministering to street kids, His Child International who give education to poor children and immediate help to street kids, Ingrid is an amazing German missionary with a heart for street kids too. She provides shelter and schooling for them. Then there are a multitude of others who are being a light for Christ in this land. This was most encouraging to see.

Personally i was touched to come back to this land to see where i may contribute to the massive needs....but it has to come from God, and for that i will wait and pray.