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Junglecat’s Travel Diary

Friday, 01 Dec 2006

Location: Banda Aceh, Indonesia

MapWhen you meet someone who tells you he lost his mother, brother and sisters, it really shakes you up. And when you see people's houses in shambles with vines growing through the cracks and crevices left, it is devastating.

Banda Aceh was an incredible place to be. It was like living in a time-warp. Two years ago one of the most powerful tsunamis the world has known swept through this area (closest to the epicentre of the earthquake). But today, one can still see the effects of it very much.

The people are amazing. They are going about their daily lives as usual, but there was an underlying sadness in the atmosphere. The loss is too great not to feel that.

My time there was short, only four full days. But i went because i wanted to visit the team there and be an encouragement. They are only one family and a young guy at the moment. So it was really great to be there with them and also be encouraged at the hope they have for this place.

And that is the only thing left here...HOPE.