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Junglecat’s Travel Diary

Monday, 15 Jan 2007

Location: USA

MapAmerica - land of Milk and Honey. I have been here around 5 weeks and it has been awesome. This has been a time of refreshing as i could actually put my pack down for longer than a few days in Jackson and sleep in sometimes. Seeing really special friends from the ship has been a spiritually refreshing experience as we've talked about our lives with God together.

I have grown to love this land for what it is. I know there are many problems here, like everywhere in the world, but there is something about the people i have met and the places i have seen that makes me realise that this nation has an important destiny. There are many faith-filled people who love Jesus Christ here. It has been encouraging to see and be reminded that God's people are everywhere.

In a week's time i will leave here and i pray that i will not forget to pray for this land of America.