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Huey’s Travel Diary

Monday, 16 Oct 2006

Location: everywhere, Europe

Maphey guys

i have started writting this many times now it never seems right for some reason nothing can ever fully express my expenice with the topdec tour it was amazing nothinglike expected at all. it doesnt help that the computor im useing right now kinder sucks right ill do my best sorry if it doesnt make sence at times here goes...

i actully wasnt looking forwards to the tour at all i thought i wouldnt make any friends and that the 2 weeks would drag on for ever well wasi ever wrong it started outmuch like i imagined 35 rather nervouse people gathered the grimy bar at a horried hour and a long bus ride to dover were people begain to introduce themselve and feel comfortable i lost count of times i introduced myself after the long bus trip there was a ferry ride and then another bus ride we got in to paris late afternoon, its too long ago now for every moment to be retold soi shall just try to get the main bits and hope i dont miss too many things the next day is blur we saw many things runningfrom place to place in order to fit as much in as possible inthe afternoon we went on a bike ride around paris which was so beauitful i felt like life was a postcard as we weaved dangously in and out of traffic we were told by our american guide that we own the road and not to give way no maatter what. of course ut was peak hour but life threating situation only bring people closer together right? well it seemed work in our case people seemed to open up on our sunset picnic were i tried my first ever snail, iu would have been okay if i hadnt looked too closely and seen that it still looked like a snail gross it was all i could do to eat the poor little creature i shall neverf orgive my self.

the very next day we were off again at horrrible hour for yet another long day in the bus it was time to introduce ourselve formanly to the group this meant getting up infornt of 35 strangers and talking about urselqf to bad if you scared of pulic speaking we arrived in lucerne switerland later afternoon and walked around the beauitful little town i have never seen such a lovely little town every thing right down the wooden bridges and swans on the litlle rive that run though the town it was amazing, after vistiting a swiss army knife shop we checked into our luxury accomdation small cabins that smelt like and mixure between mold and mice that night i had the best potos of my life and rest is just a blur... it was up early again the next morning us the group took on mount pilatus i hate to repeat my self so let me just say WOW and ill show you the photo's if you dont belive me.

i cannot say that i didnt regret how soon we had to leave the lovely lucerne no rest for the wicked and all that stuff plus we where headed to the land of pizza, pasta and ice cream h my i think i put on 10 kg as we crossed the border that we stayed in a truly wonderful camp site with a pool we swam as the sunset in the tuscan hills then drank coctails and ate pizza pasta and icecream till none of us could move brillent, you wouldnt believe the next day even if you tried i barely remeber it now and it was only 2 weeks ago we went to florence in the morning then it was onto rome by luch time it was hectic but the pizza was good which is the most import thing right?? we took on the vatican and the roman underground the next day we conquered both almost successfully but there were two causilties thankfully then turn up back at camp a good 10 hours later i think there were many question asked but the whole trth will never been know. what amazed me most was the amount of people in rome and as far as i could all tourist it was astounding. that night i did washing for the first time i am willing to say in was the most diffeclt thing i did on that inter trip and if you ever go to italy dont bother even trying just wear dirty colths its safer. our whirwind tour continued as we moved on the magical city of venice there was a gondola ride, brigdes and the whole lot nothing could have been better then venice to end the itlian part of our journey.

i kinder just rushing though this giving a small tast but unless you where one the lucky few who got to exprence this too you will never fully understand you dont get the laughter and the friendship which was such an important part of this trip the truly wonderfully memories which had nothing to do with senery any ways where was i yes germany, munich and the worst camp site ever it was about 20 sardine cans in a few cramed lines and unforgetlable night in a beer hall which involed a pork nuckel and very big glass of beer i just couldnt drink! oh the shame... we wound our way though germany the next day to the magstic rhine valley were we cernaded by a live brass band sampled the local wine and cheese and spend the night in a real live castle where there were firer works which i of course slept right through.

our trip was so close to ending i could taste the lonelness that was to come but fist we had to live through amsterdam i saw anne franks house the red light district and the post office i spent a long time in the post office and eat the last pizza i shall ever eat a beautiful bike ride though the country, met the oddest farmer in the world and had the saddest farewell cruise in the history of the world i may never stop seeing flashs.

i shall not bore you with the 12 hours and 4 countries we traveled through to get back to london. i have a theory about touring with people im not really sure how to word it but it something like this travling with that many people you expence something which no one else will ever understand its like life is sped up you make so many new friends so quickly and get so close in such a small amount of time most of the time sharing something none of you have ever expenced or seen before its amazing if any of you guys are still reading this long and rather dull account of our adventure thanks heaps for making the trip what it was in all its brillents.