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Huey’s Travel Diary

Monday, 30 Oct 2006

Location: cork, Ireland

Maphello my blogers

ireland is wonderful country i think i fell in love with it as soon as i steped off the fairy, the people are amazingly friendly and helpful the landscape is beauitful and everything seems to just dift aaround in a happy misty state, i left edinburgh at 9am on wednesday and arivved in belfast at around 5pm after one of the most horrible day on public transport of my life, it started out with rain and alot of traffic it took two and a half hours to yet to glasgow, it usally takes one hour... needless to say i missed my connecting bus, there was 6 of us who missed that bus so they simple put us in a taxi to the port which is about a two hour drive which shouldv'e been fine but there was one woman weho felt so strongly about the traffic and how late we were that she left it nesseccery to talk about it the inter trip. bad weather made the fairy ride very wobbly but rather more exciting then it would have been otherwise, when i did get to belfast it had just stopped raining. the hostel i was staying in was just a quick walk from the bus stop and for once i didnt get completely lost, the hostel was wonderful the people were so lovely as soon as i walked in the door they offered me tea, everyone was just so friendly that night one of the girls took me out for drink and we listen to a funny old blue and roots band made up of 3 old timer who looked like they were having the time of there life, the next day i did a blackcab tour which is were they shw you the wall and tell you some history and stuff its amazing what people live with everyday of there lives, next it was off to dubline and the book of kells amazing beauitful and everything else along those lines then on the next bus to cork i dont like i've spent so much time running from place to place scince the tour, there is a jazz festival in cork this weekend which means at the very least more poeple and at the most a lot less hostel beds but luckly even though i didnt book i found one YAY for me, the poeple in ireland are so friendly i mean everyone tell you they are but you dont quiet believeit till your here well i dint at least it great every one says hello to you where ever you go.

today i went to blarney in order to kiss the blarney stone this really deserves an entery all of its own, it was gary and misty when i set out this morning not a sad cold mist like in london kind of a hapy little hello your in ireland mist. blarney is a beauitful little town which surives on the tourism the castle and the blarney stone brings in. the castle is gergouse the garden are green and lovely and there is river that weaves it ways though the different areas of the garden so there are many bridges and all sorts of lovely little hidden things the castle stands in the middle decaying and fanstic, empty room follows empty room as you make your way up to the battlements and the blarney stone the stairs seem to get smaller, wetter and steaper the futhers you go till your pracitle on all fours climing these 1000 year old relicts simple wishing they'd rip it all down and put in a nice lift. when you get to the top its kinder like yup show me to this blarney stone it had better be worth it after looking around its kinder like right so uhm... where is it then almost by accident you see a little man sitting on a plastic mat with his leg dangerling over the side and another man with a camera posed and dangerous i wandered over i mean if i cant find the blarney stone i should at least ask where it is right? i am invited to sit down, take off my glasses and backpack confused i do, only to be told im sitting the worng way even more confused i sit with my backtowards the two men suddenly before i know what happening the man who was sitting down grabed my shoulders and triped me backwards there is the blarney stone right in fornt of me 600 meters above the ground and so i kissed the blarney stone hanging upside down my life in the hands of stranger, stuggled upright and run to the other side of the battlement still laughing unable to till if it had been sucessfully to overwelmed to test of my new skills. the rest of the day is a blur.