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Huey’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 25 Nov 2006

Location: Italy

Map hello my baby ones
i am i very bad blog writer have writen in forever no hope in catching you up on very thing so i shall just tell you a about my walk along the chiquer tier coast line (thats no how you spell that by the way) i had been told by ever one that i just had to do this walk el and vet mostly but very one you talk to about it said how great it was i had been trying to book ahead for day but every time i called no one answwer the phone it be came most annoying in the end i have up and thought i just turn up and hopefully theyll have rooms so i great into town around 7.30 8 i had been travling all day because the guy at the train station sadi i had to go though malian which i didnt have too and it added like 5 hours onto my travel time morel oh this story dont trust train guys so anyways i get there and everything is shut i mean its a ghost town i am starting to get a little worried thinking maybe i would to go back a town or sleep in the street so bang on a feew doors hopeing someone will open for me they dont now this little town was on the biggest hill if you can picture me walking up and down banging on different door trying get a bed it was most depressing finaily i get so tried and cold and misable that i sit down on a step and just started crying i mean what was i meant to do CUE HERO: up comes this guys from melboure and his is like right come with me a group of us are about to eat dinner is american chef is cooking a storm and we have an extra bed you can sleep in tonight so not quiet sure what else to do i follow this complete strAanger into the drankness up some very steep stairs and in a lovely bright room full with laughing poeple the food smell fanstic everyone is so wonderfuly friendly though they do laugh at me for being just a little silly well i dont think i have eaten better food all the time ive been away it was amazing and the guy set it all up and had everyting pretty looking after this wonderful food (yes i do have pictures) we all walked down to the habour and sat on the rocks a wonderful ending an intersting day.

the next id cold and gray and it looks so much like rain i could smell it, but i set off now this walk any ways well i got to the fist not a problem took about 100 photo very was so pretty then part between the next two town was meant to be closed but being my fathers daughter i took no notice of the signs and walk straigh on claiming over just one or two fences that got in my way and trecking on to discover that the landslide was really an issue at all, with only one or two miner issues ( if any chooses to do this walk my only recomendation is dont leave the opath and if you dont head down it can be very hard to find the path again) i made my way though the first 3 town it was only during the last strech when it started to rain that things looked bad it was fine then all of a sudden i couldnt see two inches in fornt of my face i had to hide in a small cave with a very wet cat and picture of the virgin mary for half an hour before i could go anywhere and by then i was tried and wet and beguing to get cold and the last town was still at least an hour away, over all though i had wonderful day even with the rain and cat and everything else i went back to my hostel tried but happy cover in mud and ready for a shower only to find no hot water oh well there had to be hot water in florence right?

in florence there was not only hot water and a lovely clear hostel with lovely people but an american doing tahnks giving hehe its such an odd hoilday all it seems to be about is eating pumikin pie and turkey and seeing your family but thats ok this guy (is name is dan) got so excited about it he spend 3 days cooking and i have to say i rather in enjoyed my first ever turkey i loved florence i spend 5 days there i was only meant to stay for 3 i could not bring myself to leave i had packed up all my stuff and thinking about where next when i reliesed i really didnt want to leave at all i really think that if i hadnt already booked a hostel in rome i would of just stayed till i had to go to veinna oh well im sure i will get back one day sooner or later i could spend days just walking around that city and never get tried and always be happy rome is wonderful too and i have had a fanastic time here met a few wonderful people but a differnt kind of wonderful people compeared to thoses in florence i will always remember as one of the magical places maybe even my favouret if i really had to choose as much because of the people but thats the same as ever where. well my dears i will be home in no time at all so its more then likey ill see you all before you read this but thats ok i have had a wonderful trip and cant wait to see you all