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Ros’s Travel Diary

Monday, 09 Oct 2006

Location: Port Elizabeth, South Africa

MapHelloooo, yes I'm here, I'm here. So sorry that not had chance to write for, gosh about a week now isn't it. Sorry. Have an excuce - I've been on the beach, yahoo! ;-) Well Umhlanga did rain for about 2 days and then we had a good day, got a bit burnt though, silly me. But of course the day we left it was absolutely goregous. But not to worry, good old Port Elizabeth welcomed us with open arms and we had a superb, fantastic day yesterday and scapered down to Hobie beach early yesterday morning - before 09h30!

Can't believe that on my holiday I've not got out of bed late at all. Always been early, things to do, places to go, people to see.

I'm finding a lot of things back home too - biltong, wors, koesksusters, chocolate log, peppermint crisp, schweppes granadilla.... oh, and also found.... that the jeans are a bit, well, you know, tight at the moment from all the previously listed finds!! ;-) Hey, got to make the most of it while you can. Trying to cut down now but the food is so cheap in comparison. Dinner the other night for 3 of us at a good restaurant in Umhlanga cost less that it cost for me alone on my birthday dinner out with the girls!

Love, love, love being back on the beach. If I could always have a pair of flip flops on my feet (yes, really) a pair of shorts and bikini top and the beach to walk along I would be soooooo happy. I now remember why it took me so long to get used to Jo'burg when we first moved up all those years ago.

Have been really busy and have been visiting family which has been good. Yesterday was a bit emotional though as we went to Grans church as a whole family and it was very sad, well, it was a lovely service, but I was very emotional, but that's to be expected. We then went to my aunts house for a bbq with all the family, and numerous members of our extended family too so it was good. Had no less than 4 fires going at once, copious amounts of food and good laugh. Did behave on the old drinks though, well, it was for Gran so had to behave.

So, where was I...... the weather has turned nasty again today so we're shopping again!! Just window shopping really as no point in me buying summer stuff when I'm coming home to Autumn/winter.

Off out to visit Don & Trac's Mum & Dad tonight and looking forward to that. May be off to the Elephant Park tomorrow and maybe Knysna day after. Meeting up with Billy & Sue on Wed night and then Sandy on Thursday. No rest for the wicked.

Anyway folk - I better be off, don't even bother asking about the pics - I've given up trying. When I try figure it out once and for all I'll stick them up there - got a good one of shark too! ;-)

Take good care of yourselves and have fun. Missing you all, but still having fun!! ;-)

Lots and lots of love