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Ros’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 12 Oct 2006

Location: Port Elizabeth, South Africa

MapAfraid that this may be short and sweet as running out of time at the internet cafe - trying to get quotes for car hire and the one web it totally useless - won't give me a rate but tells me I can confirm!!! Stupid. Just want a quote.

Anyway. Last day in PE today! Took folks, sister and brother in law to airport today as they flew back to Jo'burg for the rest of their stay. I'm off to Cape Town tomorrow and looking forward to it lots.

Had a great day at Addo Elephant Park on Tuesday, saw Elephant, Kudu buck, eland buck, warthog, giant tortoise, blue crane, oh, and dung beatles - wait till you see the photos (yes, yes, yes, when I get the time and when I can figure the darn thing out I will load them up!! Feel like a bit of a headless chicken!).

Had a great night at Donovan & Tracy's Mum & Dad, now I remember where they get their sense of humour from! And I've got stories which I can bring back with me which I'm sure will make them curl up and/or run away! ;-)

Had a great night out last night too with Billy & Sue (Ric's dad and step-mum) - had a gorgeous rump steak for, oooh, about GBP 3.50!! ;-) Oh, and a few Bacardi & cokes, naturally!

Also went to visit Mrs Wren yesterday and that was lovely, haven't seen her for goodness knows how many years. Had a good old natter and a few cups of tea, good times.

Off to see Sandy tomorrow for coffee at good old Greenacres, should be a blast, haven't seen her for abosolute ages either.

Anyway guys, I must be off, got to sort out this darn quote!! Think of me tomorrow, in the mother city!! And it's going to be gorgeous!!

Lots of love to you all, take care and catch up soon.