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Ros’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 17 Oct 2006

Location: Cape Town, South Africa

MapIt is official - I love Cape Town. Can't believe I haven't been here for almost 10 years. How crazy is that. Such a beautiful city with contrastic scenery - huge mountain ranges, lush vineyards and gorgeous beaches.

Unfortunately I haven't been able to sit on the beaches - the infamous 'Cape Doctor' (the wind) has been playing up for the last couple of days and made it impossible to sit/lie down, let alone walk on it. The sand it literally moving across the road, and we're getting sand blasted. Suppose that could be a bood thing if I stood with my posterior into it, get it nice and reshaped!! ;-)

However, I'm not miserable about that - I have been keeping myself busy in the interim and absolutely love the Victoria & Alfred Waterfron (I am such a tourist) and was there yesterday doing some retail therapy and soaking up the gorgeous atmpshere - and sitting outstide in the sunshine with Table Mountain behind. Gorgeous. Had a lovely lunch too - freshly caught calamari, deep fried, with an Apletizer and a coffee - all for the grand sum of GBP 4.30! It was delicious.

Didn't really buy much other than some more Carrol Boyes, yes, really. I love the stuff and if I have to post stuff back I will.. ;-) Oh and I found my wine glasses at Ngwenga glass too, didn't think they'd have them still but they do - so managed to replace my one broken one to complete my set again.

I must be doing something right with the locals (well in P.E. and Cape Town) - this will make you laugh - my red handbag. I have been stopped about 3 times and asked where I bought it from! See, have bag will travel.

It's been really great seeing Raynor and Jax again and they have been wonderfully hospitable and Jax has spoilt us every night with wonderful, wonderful dinners - Raynor is a very lucky man.. ;-) We did have a lovely braai (bbq) on Friday too. On Sunday I went with them both to play golf - well, they played golf, I walked round! A lovely golf course too, with the Table Mountain Range all around, the sea in front and peacocks, guinnea fowls and egyptian geese ambling along the course too. It was a tad windy too though, but it was still a great day.

Went to Centry City today too (another shopping mall - can't do anything when it's this windy, I promise!), but didn't buy anyting. Oh, other than the most gorgeous cinnamon bun - I couldn't refuse, the smell was gorgeous and how could I walk past a shop that specialises in cinnamon goods. All of you who know me know how much I love my cinnamon - and it was to die for, literally! No wonder I piling on the holiday pounds, I will have to use Jax's step machine tonight, and tomorrow (had biltong too - oh, and schweppes Granadilla), ok and the next day too then. I've made up for it by buying a lovely watermelon and gorgeous fruit juice to cleanse my soul!! ;-) (never mind the fact that yesterdays find was a litre tub of Frozen Yoghurt - English Toffee flavour!).

Anyway folks, I am babbling on and on and on as usual. The photos should now be up - I've still got to put the PE one's up, and the few of Cape Town (too windy to take!), will try get to that asap.

Ok, I'm off. Tomorrow - may do Cape Point and if it's not too windy will try Clifton again, failing that maybe a wine tour, hic!

Lots and love