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Ros’s Travel Diary

Friday, 20 Oct 2006

Location: Cape Town, South Africa

MapRigh, here we go ... my last full day in Cape Town... and it's really sad! :-( Have had a ball and am really sad to be going home tomorrow as I'm just enjoying myself far too much! Well, can't blame a girl for trying really can you.

Have had a fab last 3 days. Cape Town is so much more than just the tourist sites - on Wednesday I took a long drive all round the costal tip, into Simons Town where I saw lovely Cape Penguins on Boulders Beach. Got some great pictures (I'll do them when I get back as I'm running out of time)... on the rocks, hiding in the bush and one which I think is fab of one it's it's little cave - just it's head sticking out. Also stopped at Muizenburg and looked at the colourful changing huts and tried to find some whales, to no avail. Carried on all round the coast (didn't go to Cape Point as Wed was too windy and blustery) and took in Hout Bay, Scarborough Beach (yes, in South Africa), Misty Cliffs, Chapmans Drive where I got some gorgeous shots of moutains and scenery - a drive not for the faint hearted with road right on the cliff edge overlooking the sea. Followed on by Camps Bay then Clifton Beach and oh, managed to find my way to V&A Waterfront again! A great drive and I recommend it to anybody coming over - don't just stay in the tourist places, the routes are fabulous and scenery just as fab.

Yesterday was equally great - the weather was on my side and I decided to go up Table Mountain. What a treat. How fabulous. Had forgotten how beautiful the scenery was up there too. A bit steep price wise to get up on the cable car but comparable I guess to anybody wanting to come to London and do the sights! Unfortunately the dassies were not playing and didn't see one at all. I think it was too hot, really! Did see plenty of lizards though, and the scenery from the top awesome. Had lunch on the mountain top and walked around a bit more and then headed down to Camps Bay and took in a lovely cool drink (or two) at one of the fabulous beach bars and then took some time out to lie on the beach at Clifton Beach. It was fab.

Today the weather hasn't been on my side so my trip to Cape Point was cancelled again - being elusive this time. Oh well, guess you can't have it all. That's ok though as did a bit of retail therapy with Jax at Cavendish Square which was great too. So great in fact that over coffee bought a pair of diamond earrings for good price, it's nice having friends in the right business! I said that I would come back with either earrings or pendant, so I have, very chuffed. Then did a bit more retail therapy and found another Carrol Boyes shop, hey, well, got to make the most out of being her while I can instead of extortionate prices in the UK. I just pat myself on the back because I've been very good otherwise, no clothes or shoes (ok, ok, 2 t-shirts in Umhlanga and a pair of flip flops, but there were needed, really), the rest has gone on food, drink, car etc, etc, etc. And no laughing please when I come home - the jeans and clothes are a bit tight, but that just proves what a great holiday I've had!

Will have to make use of "Dr" Gillian McKeith's book when I get home, and the bike, and swimming and.... yes, we'll see! Feeling good though, so not all bad.

We're off out tonight to the Radisson as they have a display of Bentleys at the moment, and for drinks. And for dinner... hopefully with a lovely sundowner over the beach as Radisson is near the beach. The last supper! :-( We'll make the most of it.

Anyway guys, that's it for now, time to say bye..... and see you all next week. Can't wait to see you all and catch up. I'll upload the rest of my pics next week so you can have a peek - running out of time here and takes up too much time at the internet cafe!

Okie dokie, take care and see you really soon.

Lots of love

P.S. J, sorry about the awfully early pick up on Sunday! Oh, and please turn on the electric so I can have a nice hot shower when I get in!! Ta, R xxx