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Sean and Jo’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 22 Oct 2006

Location: Marrakech, Morocco


We have arrived back in Marakkech this afternoon after a sweaty train trip down from Rabat. Add to the broken air con the fact we abstained from any food or water for the 5 long hour jouney in respect for the others around us toughing out ramadan and it was a grueling trip!

Note - I (Sean) learnt the hard way with ramadan eating in Fes when the chocolate eclair bought from the local patisserie just looked too good to wait for returning to the hotel. Upon finding what i THOUGHT was a safe place tucked down a narrow alley in the medina i chowed into it only to encounter not only one but two separate 'ramadan police' - aka hungry locals who not so politly told me to refrain from eating in the street! Needless to say we did our best to hold out on the train...

Fes was a interesting kinda city - its famous medina sprawled for seemingly miles. We did as any tourist does and visited the tannerys - basically where they treat and colour leather literally straight off the cows back. Picture guys up to their wastes in a mixture of cowhides, entrails, coloured dyes and countless other chemicals... hmmm.

Next stop was Rabat - the countries capital and a welcome change from the hustle of Fes. Quite a chilled city actually considering its the capital. We opted for a stop here over casablanca and were glad we did.

We have only 1 day left here before we head back to London. i,ll fully update with some photos when we get there.

Hope all is well.

Sean n jo