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Pommy’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 15 Sep 2007

Location: Cartagena, Colombia

MapWowsers, the last one was 5th of August, so whoops andhere goes!!
So we left Peru pretty sharpish, we had been there about 3 and a half months and we were keen to get on to other countries, so we did 2 back to back 24hour bus journeys to get us up to Ecuador, to get us to the beaches. This plan failed slightly, as it was really cloudy and not beach weather when we finally made it, but no matter!! It was lovely to be in the tiny beach towns again, out of the cities and into the life of the surfer hippy type!! Much more relaxed!! So we hung about the beaches for a week or so seeing if hte weather improved, but it didn`t and when you`re in a tiny tiny place meant for beach life when you`re not gong to the beach, well theres not much to occupy yourself with. That and a delightful bout of food poisining convinced us to go up to the capital Quito and see the sights there. It is another really beautiful old colonial style architectural city, big but not huge, really really classy and full of great bars and restaurants. We had thai food for the first time this trip and there was even proper cheese at the tapas restaurant. So we hung about the city, and then went to the hotsprings slightly north which were great. They had about 6 pools of varying temperatures, and we just chilled all dy in the natural springs, great day out. The the epic...the first museum in 10 months. It was the equator museum and has the best reputation, so we thought we should.Basically the official line and museum is incorrect, so the museum is just rubbish! The backstreet one is about 200m away and you can do crazy tricks where you balance eggs on nails, you lose all reststance at the ecuator so you cant hold your arms up when someone tries to pull them down, water turns one way then the other and then straight down when youre on the equator line, crazy madness!! It was really really interesting, we loved it.
So Ecuador was a whistle stop tour but we had our flights and friends from home in Colombia so off we went. We spent the first while in Cartagena, which is one of the most beautiful cities I have ever been to, the buildings are stunning and the old town is really small with tiny street and beautiful houses, realy lovely. We then made our way to Tyrona National park which is just jungle and coastlines, so we walked in for a couple of hours to get to a deserted beach and stayed in hammocks for 4 nights, in paradise. It was absolutely perfect, clear blue waters, no one there, it was smashing! And then back for a bit of comfort, then off to Playa Blanca, which is on the other side of Cartagena, for much of the same really!! Its just stunning out here, and if it werent for the storms which come by every so often it would be perfect.
So as you see not much to report, its all been incredible though. Colombia is just nothing like you`d expect itto be from the news. I guess we`re out of the problem areas up here on the coast, but its just brilliant. There`s very few of us idiots ruining the place, and there are loads of Colombians travelling around as well, which is coolio, so not quite the backpacker vibe but its great.
So we have very little time left, not actually sure how long, cant face looking, but we will be spending a bit more time here in Colombia then off to Venezuela to go stay with a friend from home`s parents, which should be amazing. But I think for the time being we`ll either go back to the beach or try and organise a sailing boat to take us to some islands which are on the way to Panama which are apparatnly incredible. It would be a long shot but you can sail all the way to Panama (about 5 days) or if you`re lucky with timings, you can go half way and then pick up another sailing boat to take you back a few days later. We shall see!!! not entirely sure why I think I`d like it seeing as I`ve never been that inclined to sail and get scared of the sea when you can`t see the bottom, but all an adventure I guess!!!
Anwyas, sorry for not writing sooner, no real excuse at all!!!
Love you all millions as always xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx