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ianandpam’s Travel Diary

Friday, 27 Oct 2006

Location: UK

MapHi everyone,
We have a bit more time to write this time have found a great little internet cafe that lets you use there computers unlimited for £1 (bargain!!!!). the flight over was so frikin long. The kids where great all the way over even though they only slept for about 6 hrs out of 24. We sat next to the biggest pain in the ass pom all she did was whinge from the time she got on till she got off. Even Pam gruffed her kids!! We hit the ground running in London and are looking for a place to live at present all very depressing very expensive. The place we are staying at at the moment is very good the breakfasts are fantastic but the staff are awful to everyone (Basil Fawty is a girl compared to these twats). We havent come across any good british hospitality yet.We have booked a further two nights here to start with anyway. Went to Bournemouth yesterday for the ONP course which was a total waste of time. Had a quick look around it is much the same as the entrance had fish and chips on the beach and listened the Land down under playing in the background I kid you not we thought it was funny anyway. We got to see a bit of the country side on the train which was good. Have only done a little touristing went and seen the piccasso and monet exibit at the national gallary which was great we need many more days to go through the whole thing its huge. Anyway got to go, more houses to look at, will post photos soon,
Thanks for the messages and will post again soon.
Ian,Pam, Bella, Dylan