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ianandpam’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 01 Nov 2006

Location: UK

MapHi everyone,
A lot has been happening in the last week so we will try and remember what we have been doing.
We have found a place to live at a place called Ealing which is about 1/2hr tube ride to work which is good. Rent over here is so expensive. We went and looked at some places in the dogiest areas, one place we hopped off the train and got straight back onto the train and left.So we ended up with the perfect place 2 big double bedrooms we even have a little patch of grass. We move in on Monday afternoon so we are moving from the YHA to a B&B out there to be a bit closer and to start to get to know the area. Hopefully Bella will start school on the Monday or very early in the week. She's very excited about starting. Only about 500m to tube station and the choice of two lines to get to work.
On the sightseeing front we have done a little bit. We went to SoHo for a walk around and just got pushed along with the crowd it was just packed (Mark would have loved it NOT!!). Went to the Tate modern gallery today which was good they have slippery dips for the kids which is a form of art that go from every floor to ground(up to 5th floor).The art was different there were some really good pieces Dali and Monet standouts. Went for a walk along the tames and absolutly froze the wind was bloody cold time for us to get out of our long sleave T's. It has been absolutly beutiful weather so far quite warm some days. Went to to natural museum on Monday which was outstanding the dinosar collection got Dylan going he was very excited especially by the life size Trex that was animated.
We thought on Friday we might come into the city and have a look at the changing of the guard and wander around Hyde park. We have been packing picnic lunches everwhere we go or it costs us about $50 AU for lunch!!!.
Pam has been in contact with here agency but she isnt keen to start for about another 3weeks yet. We want to get the kids setted into school/daycare first.We are having an absolute ball so far even though the days we were looking at houses absolutly sucked, dont regret a thing!!.
Our Laptop has now by the looks of it totally crapped itself we are trying to see if we can get Dell over here to fix it. I now apparently need a new screen and it will cost me £250 to fix it so we thought we would wait and get a new one for £400.
We are still waiting for some of that good old british hospitality which is there at times just not often. Actually Italians and the french school children taht are everywhere at the moment are worse.
Hope everyone is doing Ok and thanks for the messages and emails. Will update you all again in the next week or so.
Ian,Pam,Bella, Dylan.