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ianandpam’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 08 Nov 2006


It is Wednesday- Bella is at her third day at school and loving it. We have mey the other token Aussie in the school- Darcy- she lives on our street a block away. They are already planning sleep overs.

We finally got into our place- unfortunately the previous tenant was still in there- he moved out while we went and got tea and doonas/pillows. It is great to finally unpack our bags and puit our clothes inot cupboards. Today we have the fun of buying groceries and kitchen appliances.

We went to the Princess Diana memorial playground the other day- it is the best playground I have ever seen.Walked around most of Hyde park- it;s too big to do all of it in one day. Bella wants to go back to the playground for her birthday. Dylan is still trying to kill pidgeons and catch squirrels. Hopefully he will get sick of them in about 2 months.

Met up with Jacquie- went for a walk out of the guide book. Took a lot longer than the book said- partly because Ian went the wrong way- still needs to learn east and west. Found some really good markets near Liverpool station- some really different stuff- art.clothes, jewellery and fabulous food. Pity we didn't find it until after we had lunch.

The weather is still good, cold today-Ian has cracked out his jumper+Tshirt+termal he really is a girl.

Hopefully if we can get our computer fixed, we will be able to update the page more often.

Talk to you later.
Pam,Ian,Bella, Dylan