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ianandpam’s Travel Diary

Monday, 04 Dec 2006

Location: London, UK

MapHi again,
We have finally been signed up for broadband at home so updates will be more frequent now. Dell has still given us the run around so we bought a screen and have slaved it to the laptop so it'll do.
So what have we been up to?

I completed my last day at Bournemouth for the ONP course we actually had to do a little test which took about 15minutes and then they sent us away for four hours,came back then passed us and sent us home, the biggist waste of time ever. Now the Nursing and midwifery council are taking their sweet time to send everything out so it looks like I wont be starting Monday unless it is a miricle.Apparently the hospital is'nt worried and are happy to start me when I get everything I will be starteing before Xmas.

We went to covent garden the other day which was quite good, a really nce part of London, the day we went would have been the coldest since we got here around 4 degrees, and it was REAL cold im told it gets colder but the wether so far has been great. I have only just started to drag out my big jacket, Pam has only got her's out once she does not want to get it out early, I just dont care.

We were trying to do something last weekend for bellas birthday but it rained all weekend. We where going to go back to Hyde park for a picnic but we ended up going to the Natural History museum again with Jacqui which was good.

Pam is enjoying work and it's good to be bringing in some pounds!!!. I'm her bitch now, becomeing quite good at washing and cleaning. I have even built a repetuire with the school mums, thank god they dont have a canteen at school or I would be doing that too. The kids went to daycare for the first time last week which they really enjoyed. Chris is a really nice lady she is about 55 with a piercing in the eyebrow/lip she runs out to meet them each morning and dylan apparently runs her ragged.

Everything is falling into place at the moment and when I start work it will have finally come the circle. Pam said the other day that she is "just very happy" and that pretty much sums up how we all feel.
Talk to you all soon,