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ianandpam’s Travel Diary

Friday, 15 Dec 2006

MapHello again,
I have finally gotten my PIN number from the registration board so I will be starting to work on the 18th of Dec. I am very relieved to be starting to get a bit of extra cash etc. The registration process over here is so disjointed it's not funny. Everyday you ring you would get a different answer from them which was very frustrating, and as many of you know patience isn't my biggest quality. In the end I went there in person and saw a superviser and got it quite quickly after making a bit of a fuss. So there you go.
Bella is doing really well at school she had her christmas pagent the other day which was very good she sang really well and knew all the actions etc (we where very proud). Dylan is doing well and they both seem to have gotten over their coughs. They start daycare next week while I have to do 5 day day work for two weeks so that will be good for them. Bella starts school hols on Wed for two weeks so she also will be going to daycare for 3 days next week she is very excited.
We are going ice skating on Sunday out at Kew gardens we are all very keen to give it a go ecpecially Bella. We will have to see how keen she is when she falls the first time. The weather over here has been very mild it has only been the last week it has began to get a bit nippy in the evenings.
We went and got our National insurance numbers the other day which is an interesting experiance. Sitting in a zoo pretty much sums it up.
We have been talking with another Australian couple with kids who live just one block away and they have given us a lot of hints and tips on traveling around with kids. They are very similar to us and just packed up with the kids and came over. Bella goes to school with their daughter. We could be having Xmas tea with them we are just working out the details.
We have been looking into either going to Spain,Portugal or somewhere in the UK at the end of Feburary, start of March. We cant wait to start to do what we came for. Now that we are settled and what not it wont be long now. We plan on buying a car in January which will make things much easier for us so we will decide what we are doing when we get it.
Thanks for the messages and emails they are nice to read and we will talk later,
Ian and Pam + Bella and Dylan