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ianandpam’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 10 Jan 2007

Location: UK

MapHello again,


Well started work as planned which was good. The work is pretty easy and the patients are very easy so far, apparently it gets busy in the near future so we will have to see. I worked night duty over new year which was a bit of a bummer but I got christmas day off so it worked out well for us.. Night duty over here is good the place I am working lets you have good breaks minimum 3hrs sleep which is bliss. I have a pretty crappy roster this month because of training days etc butby the middle of January it turns into a normal roster which I am looking forward to.

Christmas was good missed seeing family and friends but good to read emails and whatnot. Cooked ourselves a feast and had some really nice wine so it felt like home.The kids really enjoyed the day we actually had to wake them up and tell them that santa had been. We played with toys most of the day and then watched their DVD's in the afternoon. Still have'nt been ice skating you have to book fairly heavily in advance and it is hard trying to fit it in.

The weather has been getting progressivly colder still not doing to bad average in the mornings is about4-7 degrees but it is quite bearable, nowhere near as cold as we expected it to be. Apparently a freaky winter they are saying. It is supposed to snow next week according to the weather report so we are hoping that it do'es.

We went to St Pauls cathedral the other week which was great. We walked the 400 or so steps to the very top and got great veiws around London. The archatecture is amazing and the painting in the dome is spectacular. We went down into the crypt which was creepy hard not to walk on peoples graves as they are scattered everywhere on the floor and walls.

We are going to Paris on the 8th of Febuary which we cant wait for, we are busy trying to work out what to do for the weekend. We are catching the Eurostar so Dylan should get a tad excited over that. Bella is looking forward to going to the Eifel tower. We can't wait to go fullstop.

I realise now that I have an addiction to Cottees cordial and we make a monthy trip to the Australia shop in Covent garden to get it (an absolute rip). I may go into rehab when I get back.

The kids are doing well and so are we. Pam is enjoying her job. Will update again soon. Keep emailing and leaving messages etc.

Ian,Pam,Bella and Dylan