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ianandpam’s Travel Diary

Monday, 12 Feb 2007

MapHello again,

Thought we should update since we have been doing some stuff.
We went to Paris on the weekend which was by far the highlight so far the city really do'es deserve the title of the worlds beutiful city.
FRIDAY- we had to get up nice and early (0445am) to get the Eurostar over it was great the food far outdoes airline food (smoked samon for B/fast). We arrived in Paris at 10am checked into the hotel and then caught the MET to Champs d'elysee and walked the length of it then climbed the 400 steps to the top of the Arc de triomphe the veiws from the top were worth it here is where we got our first veiw of the Eifal tower. We then went walking past a few of the palaces and ended up at the louvere. It really a huge building. We went and scene the essentials Mona Lisa, Venus d Milo etc. We went out for tea that night at a local pizza place which was good. Then found a great little pattiserie and finished our first day with french pastry for dessert (very good)
SATURDAY- We got up early to avoid the queues at the Eifal tower. We arrived and only had to line up for about 1/2hr and went to the top (so that one more off our list). The weather was really good and it had rained during the night and knocked a bit of the smog down so it was pretty clear. We then made our way across to the trocadero which looks nice but there is nothing there, all very pretty though. Then we headed over to Notre Dame cathedral, the archetecture here is quite astounding consedering it was built in the 1400's. The stained glass was very beautiful. Even Joan of Arc's Crypt.. The choir started singing while we were there which was a bit of a surprise. We then had afternoon tea at a cafe over looking the cathedral so Bella was very happy with that. A walk along the seine was next and we walked around to have a look at the Eifal tower fully lit. We had tea at a french resturant which was fantastic (the duck was perfect, and Pam thinks her lamb shanks were the best she has ever had). Found our pattiserie again and finished the day off well again.
SUNDAY- we went out to Sacre Coeur this morning . It's like a big castle/cathedral which overlooks Paris. It absolutly flogged down rain which was a bit of a bummer but the entire ceiling was all mosaics which was impressive. We went on a cruise up the river Seine in the afternoon which was a perfect way to finish the day off and our weekend in Paris. We then got the Eurostar back to the UK at about 7pm.

Other than the Paris trip we have just been living life.
We have been doing a lot of day trips around the greater London area went to grenich and though I could have died that day it was beyound cold we had a great day though. Have met up a few times with friend for dinner and what not which has been good.
I went to see Australia play Denmark in the soccer the other night with one of my mates which was ok bar that Oz lost 3-1.

Work has been going well for both of us, and the kids are both well. We have enroled Dylan for school this year so he should enjoy that. I have put some photos on the page so have a look and kkep the emails coming.

Anyway till next time,
See ya,
Ian, Pam, Bella, Dylan.