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ianandpam’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 07 Mar 2007

Location: UK

MapHi again,
Another update was in order so here we go.

We went to tower of London on Sunday which was fantastic. The history is pretty impressive. Dylan had a ball copying the soldiers and when we got the where the armour and swords and what not he insisted they where Jack Sparrows from pirates of the carribean. We spent most of the day there then had arvo tea and this doggy little cafe. Basically if you dont eat in one of the chains in the city all the independant ones are doggy.

The prior weekend we went to the HMS Belfast which is a huge destroyer docked on the Thames it was a bit of a dads day because Pam was at work but we had a ball. You had access to pretty much anywhere you wanted on the ship so we were pretending to drive it and trying to start the engines which was fun.

We have booked a car for next weekend and are driving to Stonehenge finally after all our stop/start missions to get down there. We are really looking forward to getting out of london and seeing some of the countryside. We will most likely hire a car again at easter and do a bit of a road trip around the bottom part of the UK unless any really good deals pop up to go over into Europe.

I'm over my week of feeling homesick basically as soon as we got back from Paris. So we are busy trying to work out where next Italy? Greece? Italy? Greece? choices! choices!.It will probably happen at the end of the year in Jan/Feb because we are going to quite a big trip for 10 days around france when the oldies come over in July. Busy planning that so it should be good. Planning a lot more weekends away now we are fully settled etc.

Bella is doing really well at school and we had her parent teacher interveiw the other day and she is in the top three for 1st class out of 60 kids so we are pretty pleased with her. Dylan keeps asking to go to school and he will start in September we think he only wants to go so he can get a dinosaur lunchbox Iwe hope he relises that he has to stay there and learn. Both the kids are starting to get little pommy twangs in there voices especially bella.

Anyway thats about it, we are going to try and update fortnightly, sometimes it will be lots, others hardly anything.
Keep in touch,
PS: Dave IM GOING TO BUCKCHERRY just to rub it in that little bit more!!