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ianandpam’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 18 Mar 2007

Location: London, UK

MapHi Again,
As promised an update within a fortnight,

We hired a car this weekend and went cruising around southwest of London. We just did day trips which was good. On Saturday we went to Stonehenge it only took around 1 1/2hrs to get to. When we got there it was a bit like "geez. it's little isn't it!!. But all in all quite awesome, we have been really looking forward to getting down there so to finally see it was great. We went over to Salisbury after here and went to the Cathedral which has a copy of the Magna Carta in it. The cathedral itself was great, the architecture was amazing and was quite easily the best one we have seen yet. There was even a grave from someone from the crusades yes those crusades unbelievable. We have shitty buildings that go back to 1788 and they have a tomb in a church that was built to bury someone from the 1200's. We then ventured out to an old castle which was mainly in ruins but none the less interesting Old Sarum which is perched right up on top of a hill with pretty impressive views of Salisbury and the surrounding district. We then headed home and somehow got a bit lost and came home the long way but nice country side to be seen anyway.

Sunday we went out to Leeds Castle about 30miles from Dover. This castle was amazing. We had a walk through and around the grounds and then went up to the maze which Bella had us totally lost. Great fun. The only thing out here was it was so cold and I really mean SO COLD. 3-4degrees with an artic/polar wind that has swept across the UK which easily bought it to below zero. To top it off a bit of sleet on the way home. In all an absolutely fantastic weekend.

We are going to Wales in Easter for 4-5days so we are working out where to go. We have gotten a couple of itinerary's off the net. There is one that takes in a couple of castles and whatnot with some good scenery as well so we are just working out the balance of what we want to do and what the kids would like as well.

Ian has booked holidays for a week at the end of May and we are most likely going to Scotland then or it could be Ireland it will definitely one of them anyway. We will hire a car for both these trips. If you book them on-line its quite cheap. For the three days we hired it this weekend it only cost 50 pounds.We did 360miles so we saw quite a bit.

Today was Mothers day over here so treated pam to a nice B/fast of Maccas on the way to leeds castle. Anyway she had a great day and got lots of pressies from the kids.
Till next time,
Ian, Pam, Bella,Dylan