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ianandpam’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 12 Apr 2007

Location: London, UK

MapHi again,
We thought we would update on the last couple of weeks. We hired a car and went over to Wales over the easter break for 4 days which was not bad at all. The car was the most uncomfortable car I have ever driven so Pam did all of the driving I did'nt spit it once!. We drove over to Cardiff on Thursday night and got up bright and early and went to Cardiff castle which is quite old like everything else. It was pretty interesting as they have just kept adding to it from the time of the Normans so it has very varied archetecture. We then went for a walk around the town had a great cornish pastie for lunch and went and had a look at the Cardiff Markets (lots of fresh produce/food) and then headed up to Caerphilly which has another huge castle that is the 2nd biggest in the UK. This castle is truly awesome it has 3 water defences so in effect is 3 castles in one. One of the towers is at a 10 degree tilt so its is pretty spectacular to look at. We then headed out to Swansea to stay but there was no rooms and headed up to the Brecon Beacons National park. Swansea by the way is a dirty little city that we probably wouldnt go back to. Up at the Becons we saw quite a lot of the Wales countryside which is quite baron and wind swept. Did the canal boat trip at Brecon which was OK the kids really enjoyed it and had a look around the town. It was absolutly packed with tourists. On to our next hotel for the night and this hotel was the biggest dump we have ever EVER stayed in. The Easter bunny found the kids though so they didnt care. We went back into the national park on the Sunday and went for a huge walk down into some waterfalls that you actually could walk behind this was very cool the kids had a ball. We then drove back to Caerphilly and stayed the night after getting lost in the countryside. I swear you could hear the banjos playing in some of the towns. We stopped off and had one of the best counter lunches at a pub we have had since we got here. On the Monday we went home via Bath and went to the Roman Baths/spa which was very good (a tad expensive) but really interesting.

The weather has been great not just over easter and we are expecting 27 degrees this weekend so the glare from the English should be impressive. Intend to have a couple of pints of lager this weekend in the sun.

Other that that we havent been doing too much. We went into Regent park last week which was really nice. Pam really liked the flower beds and we plan to go back when the roses are out.

Work is going well for both of us and the kids are doing fine. Anyway, keep in touch and will update again soon. I will put photos on soon.
Ian, Pam, Bella and Dylan