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ianandpam’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 10 May 2007

Location: UK

MapHi again,

Just a quick entry. We have'nt really been doing to much since coming back from Wales. Just working, doing a bit of overtime to get some extra trips in by Xmas.

We have booked our flights to Ireland and got an absolute bargain 1pence each way cant get much better than that so we bought six so its going to be a cheap holiday so far with mum and dad when they come over at the end of June. Still hoping to get to New York around Xmas time but we will have to see what the flights are like. I am going to Montipellier France to watch a World cup rugby match (oz Vs Fiji) in September so that should be a well and truly big weekend. I am going over with spud and going by past efforts with him may have to go on a liver cleansing diet when I get home. At least I have discovered Wodka does not like me at all.

We both have a week off in a fortnight and are now not going to scotland because it is still quite icey in parts so will most likly do it in September. We are going to get a few day and overnight trips in probably out to Cambridge, Oxford, Dover and Brighton (bella is dying to use her new swimmers) She does not beleive us that the beach is pebbles. We will probably go to the zoo also now all the animals are out.

Anyway must go as I am writing this on night duty and must get ready for my sleep (tis so hard over here having to make sure everything is done so I can sleep for my 3 hours). The kids are really well and so are the both of us. We are slipping into life overhere really well and are enjoying every second of it.

Thanks for the emails and will talk or something soon,
Ian, Pam, Bella, Dylan

PS: not long now Mum & Dad!!! Bella's sign is well and truly on the way, I havent told her she has to be up at 4.30am but she assures me she does not care what time she has to get up. The standing order by the way is Violet crumble, Red Skins or chuppa chups and Twisties for Pam.