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ianandpam’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 31 May 2007

Location: London, UK


Well we have been quite busy the last few weeks and have been doing a bit. We finally went on the London eye, The kids really enjoyed it. The veiws are pretty spectacular though I did think they would be a bit better. We have been enjoying the sunny weather and having a few picnics in the parks around London, and having some BBQ's with spud and Kareen.

We have been on holidays this week and have day tripped and done a few overnighters away. We went out to Cambridge on Saturday. This town is really quite beautiful. We went punting on the canals which was really good. I didn't have a go at punting going with my disposition I would be in the water for sure. Had a look at a few of the colleges and just wandered around the town.

On Sunday we went to Cantebury and had a look at the Cathedral out there. It is another WOW place. The stonework is awesome and the grounds where quite nice. We also went to a place called cantebury tales which is like a big story telling place with manequins and puppets etc, it was really lame, but the kids loved it so it didn't matter. The weather has been good for us over here to this point and it rained pretty much all day. We then drove out to a seaside town called whitestable and stayed the night. This is an old fishing village and is very quaint, we had a great meal of tapas there and I finally got my mussell craving fixed. We went out to Dover the next morning and did the cliffs straight away while it was sunny. We did a really good walk along the tops which was great. they have no real concept of safety over here you pretty much can walk on the edge all the time so the kids were banned from running bar in the open fields when Dylan was running around trying to catch the rabbits. We then went to Dover castle where they had a big medievil day on with knights and romans etc walking around. This castle is huge and has been in use since 1000AD (pretty amazing stuff) we then worked our way back to london.

We are off to London Zoo today and the weather seems to have improved a touch, it's been quite chilly the last 4 days. Tomorrow we are tossing up what to do maybe brighton or Oxford not sure.

Anyway, will update again soon, all is well here and hope is all ok over there.

Ian, Pam, Bella, Dylan.