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ianandpam’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 17 Jun 2007

Location: London, UK

MapHi y'all,
What have we been doing?............. Nothin, working our butts off this month to pay for some trips. We have Ireland coming up next month which we are all very excited about. That one is going to be a bit of a biggy. We are gone for 8 days, cant wait, bring on the guiness and whisky. This is the trip that the oldies are doing with us. When we get back from Ireland I go to the south of France for a World Cup Footy trip. Then aiming for last week of October or first week of November we are going to go to Malta and lay around in the Meditteranian and have a bit of a look around there. We have been advised by everyone not to go to NEW York at Xmas time as we will freeze so will do it later.
Bella had her sports carnival the other day. She had a ball and got a few medals , so she was very pleased with herself. We are going out for tea tonight as its fathers day today. Going to get a bit of greek ( shutup dave), food.

Anyway, said we were doing nothing,
Update soon,
Ian, Pam, Bella, Dylan