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ianandpam’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 05 Jul 2007

Location: London, UK

MapJust a quick one as I am totally bored on nights yet again. Not much has been happening over the last couple of week traveling wise, just have the nose to the grindstone.
Mum and Dad flew in last Wednesday which was great, you can see family and friends on the net and what not but is just great to see and touch them. So after getting up at 5am to meet them on their early arrival me and Bella stood around waiting for ages for them to get cleared through customs. Bella was busting at the bit and had her sign she made so they could find her. We took them out to our fav breaky spot after they had a freshen up then out to lunch at Richmond which is a very cool place apparently a lot like Mossman. We go to a pub there for lunch and its right on the river Thames called the Slug and Lettuce (love that name) they're a pretty big chain, like most things over here. We went for a walk around Hyde Park on the thursday and generally just took it easy and took the oldies to have some portugese chicken for tea. Then on Friday we packed em off to go on there next jaunt.

On the home front Dylan is starting to get a bit persistant about getting a dinosaur lunchbag for school and I suppose we will have to get him a couple of school uniforms as well he just wants the lunchbox. Bella has 4 loose teeth that are seeming to take forever to come out but she wont let me pull them out. Pam is doing well at her job and we both start holidays soon, she is taking a couple of fridays off so we will do a couple of weekends away with the oldies when they get back as well as Ireland.

Thats about it for this fortnight, we are going to watch the start of the tour de france tomorrow in the centre of London which I'm really looking forward to, apparently they are expecting 1,000,000 people along the course!!. Also going to go to the Isle of wight in two weeks so more photos will be forthcoming.

Bye for now,
Ian, Pam, Bella, Dylan.