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ianandpam’s Travel Diary

Monday, 23 Jul 2007

Location: London, UK

MapHi again, time for another entry,

This weekend we went on a little road trip with the oldies, we went out and hired our matching purple fiestas and off we went. The plan was to go to Cambridge then onto the Cotswalds, did this happen of course it did'nt! Cotswalds went under water on the Friday night so we we thought we would cut our losses and run from the water.. Sooo..
On friday we went to Cambridge as planned and is flogged down pretty much all day we went and saw a few of the colleges and went into kings college chapple which was awsome the ceiling was very elaborate. We then headed of to stay in Coventry where it continued to bucket down and then flood warning for all of the cotswalds was sounded so the next morning headed over to the other side of the isle so after a bit of back tracking we found the sun. We went to colchester on the way and went to the castle there which was good and did the guided toour and got to go right down into the catcombs, lots of history started out as roman and then ended up norman so lots of mosaics plus tapestrys etc. Then went down into the town centre to have a look at an old abby in church grounds which were nice. The town itself wass a bit run down so we headed out to Harwich on the coast words to describe this town.... hole pretty much sums it up. The main tourist attraction is a lifeboat museum fun stuff. We bailed out early next morning and went to a place called Hever castle which was great, absolutly beutiful grounds and the castle was in really good repair. When we got there we fluked a medievil day so got to see some jousting and sword fighting etc. They have a water maze which you walk around and if you step on the wrong one a jet of water comes up and you get wet. Kids loved this and of course bella slipped in and got soaked. So thats about it.

During the week we have taken the oldies to the museums through the week and we will go to brighton this week. Next teusday we fly out to Ireland for 8 days which is going to be great.

Other than that thats it. We are getting tickets to lord of the rings for Sept and are going with our friends Spud and Karrine so that should be a good night.

OK thats it for now,
Ian, Pam, Bella, Dylan