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ianandpam’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 18 Aug 2007

Location: UK

MapHi again,

Bored on nights again, so I thought a quick update was in order.

Well mum and dad left suddenly as our nan is quite ill so it is going to be quite here for a while. No more babysitting on tap! It was quite weird for them to go so suddenly we had sort of worked it into our heads when they would be going so it dos'nt feel like we said a proper goodbye but such is life eh.

Anyhow, had a great time while they were here and when we got back from Ireland we went to Brighton for the day. This is a really nice beachside resort area. The beaches are made up of rock so hurts the feet a bit! Yes people I went for a swim (well to my waist). Water was what you would expect and as my family know I dont even get into the pool unless it's a reliable 28 degrees. There are photos to prove I went in flotin around but you would be quite dazzled by the brightness of my skin. We went out to the famous Brighton peir which was good fun and Bella had her first go on a logride which was hilarious scared the crap out of her but she wanted to go straight back on.

We just hung out at home for the rest of the week pretty much. Took the olds out to Kew gardens for an afternoon which they enjoyed and thats about it.

Now that they are home dads going to have to get used to schooners again, knocks you a bit when you drink three pints as quick as the three schooners in an hour dont it dad!!!. Mums legacy over here is she has us addicted to phish food icecream (choc chunk, marshmellow, nougat, choc icecream yum).

Hope you feel better nan and we will all talk to you soon, make sure you comb your hair (we will give Daphnes cure a go eh!!!)

Anyway thats about it till next week or so,
Ian, Pam, Bella, Dylan