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ianandpam’s Travel Diary

Monday, 05 Nov 2007

Location: Malta, UK

MapHello, well we have just got back fron Malta where we had a fantastic time.
We got in nice and early and went straight to our hotel, we where all rugged up from leaving Gatwick at 6am (4 degrees) then landed in Malta 26 degrees! So we sweltered to the hotel checked in then went for a harbour cruise around the huge harbour. and that was pretty much it the kids had a swim in the pool on the roof of the hotel while I sampled the local beer (cisck) if you get a chance try it.
DAY 2.
Went to Valetta today and walked around the city. The city is really old, a lot of it has been rebuilt since the war. Went to St Johns Co-Cathedral which is painted and carved from floor to ceiling, by far the best one we have seen. Had a look and the general sights then went on a horse ride around the city. Sampled more cisck.
DAY 3.
Caught a bus out to Hagar qim and the blue grotto. Hagar qim are some old temples 5000bc and are apparently the oldest monuments in existance (older than stone henge). The blue grotto was really rugged/beautiful coastline with huge cliffs. Sampled more Cisck.
DAY 4.
Went on a cruise up to the blue lagoon and spent the day swimming in the bluest water I have ever seen. The water was a warm 24 degrees (yes, I went in even though it was'nt my required 28 degrees). Also went on a speedboat ride around the caves and whatnot there. There had been some films shot there, The count of Monte Cristo and popeye in the 70's. When we came back the sees where so rough, pam had to do all the walking around with the kids cause if I moved I would have lost lunch it was ok if you just sat but when you started to walk......Sampled more cisck.
We wanted to go to the Valetta markets today, but when we got over there they were not on and they had a grand prix on instead. Dylan was really in his element and did'nt want to go home. So it was a bit of a wasted day. We just looked around a bit more and spent the afternoon in the pool. Sampled more cisck.
We went to a water park today, I know very touristy. Got there at 10 and left at 6.30. We had a great day. The kids really enjoyed themselves and we just chilled out all day. They got to see a dolphin and seal show which they loved. got home late and sampled more cisck.
We went to a war museum today before we had to fly out that night. Spent the afternoon getting a last minute swim in. Satrted withdrawral from cisck.

Flew out of malta 28 degrees-flew into london 5 degrees! We all got a bit of a tan and are now working on our next big trip away which looks like rome/florence/venice in Feb. We will be doing a few weekends away but will make up our minds when they are nearer. Everyone is well and doing well. Before you think Im an alco pam was the only one who bought the 2 litres of vodka on the way back in duty free!!
Till next time,
Ian, Pam, Bella, Dylan.