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ianandpam’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 11 Dec 2007

Location: Venice, UK

Well we went to Venice for the weekend which was great. So we left Friday night after leaving the kids with our friends (spud & Kareen) and took our nice liesurly drive out to Gatwick airport with plenty of time to spare. SOOO after getting stuck in a traffic jam and then the buses from the car park not working as they should we made our flight, after sprinting through the airport. We arrivaed in Venice on the Friday night and checked into our room which was only one block away from the main square. We got got up nice and early on Saturday and went to the clock tower in St Marks square where the views are fantastic. We then went to the basilicca, and just generally wandered around. After lunch we went on the obligatory gondala cruise. In all a great weekend away. Ate lots of pasta, drank lots of espessos and wine.

Other than that we hav'nt been doing to much, just getting ready for Xmas. Shopping lots. The weather is getting cold, getting down into the minus temps now! Still having a great time over here and will post photos soon,
Ian, Pam, Bella, Dylan